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The heart of the community, the centre of the village, the local boozer. Pubs have been an established part of British life for hundreds of years. Back in the 11th century it was not uncommon for households to brew their own ale, and hale passing travelers to buy their wares.

As time moved on bespoke Inns began to establish themselves, with coaching inns being developed on the main coaching routes, but around the 19th century and the industrial revolution, transportation began to move to the railways.

Around the same time, this revolution saw the emergence of the large regional brewers who bought up local pubs, and taking a leaf out of the big landowners and their tenant farmers, the concept of pub tenancies and pub ties came to be.

The mid 1900’s saw the demise of the regional brewers as they were bought out by the established national companies. These mergers in effect meant that the few owned the majority of pubs in the UK, and the brand was born.

Whilst the Red Lion is still the most prolific pub name, our high streets became littered with trendy bars and rebranded pubs with pretty unmemorable names.

Following the implementation of the Monopolies and Mergers Commission report in the early 90’s, the brewers flooded the market with literally thousands of pubs, some returned to private ownership, but the majority were snapped up by pub companies still buying the majority of their stock from the vendor brewer.

Luckily we find that inside most men is a frustrated publican, and we have been able, over the years, to assist borrowers into the sector, with well structured pub finance packages tailored to their needs.

Our lenders in the pub finance sector have both product, appetite and a complete understanding of the operational needs of their customers.

The Walbrook experience in not to us in any case, just about arranging the mortgage or other pub finance solution. We have a huge wealth of experience in this sector, and it is this which we offer upfront to all our clients looking to arrange pub finance.

One telephone call to us will un-tap your purchasing power, you will be given in detail all the costs associated with your intended purchase. We will detail the likely monthly cost of the mortgage, and most importantly where you have a specific target, we will tell you whether or not the proposal is feasible. Not bad for one phone call.

Contact us online or call us now for your Pub finance solution.

Tel: 0800 7312967

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