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The English are a nation of shopkeepers, (Napoleon Bonaparte 1769-1821), however if he were around today he would probably accuse us of being more a nation of hoteliers and innkeepers.

The oldest recorded purpose built hotel still standing and trading today, is the Old Bell at Malmesbury which we had the pleasure of arranging commercial finance for in the 1990’s. The hotel was built in 1220, its function was to entertain important guests of the monks; the adjoining Abbey was then one of the most important seats of learning in England.

Today we have literally thousands of hotels and inns a large proportion of which are in private ownership. Like the housing market many hundreds change hands each and every year, and we have played our part in assisting a significant number of clients in both the private and corporate sectors.

The Walbrook experience is not to us in any case, just about arranging the mortgage & Hotel Finance. We have a huge wealth of experience in this sector, and it is this which we offer upfront to all our clients looking for Hotel finance solutions.

One telephone call to us will un-tap your purchasing power, you will be given in detail all the costs associated with your intended Hotel purchase. We will detail the likely monthly cost of the mortgage, and most importantly where you have a specific target, we will tell you whether or not the proposal is feasible. Not bad for one phone call.

Contact us online or call us now for your Hotel finance solution.

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