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When we retire, we will sell the house and buy a little b&b. How many times have we heard people state this as their last working ambition?

The statement works very well for those looking for a way of life business, maybe just offering a few rooms, trading for the summer months and closing for the winter.

The term b&b conjures up this cosy image in most peoples minds. However the term can be applied to any size of business that only offers bed and breakfast. What from the outside looks like an hotel, could be just offering this simple yet much patronised service.

The commercial b&b, situated in a good sized town, is the purest and should be the most profitable discipline in the hospitality industry. Let the professional local restaurants and pubs have the evening business whilst you sit upstairs with the family planning the day ahead.

The costs to the business are minimal, utilities, breakfast and cleaning goods. With a working husband and wife team, staff overheads can be kept to the minimum.

Whatever size of business you are considering, we have the proven experience to guide and assist you with all your mortgage and b&b finance needs.

The Walbrook experience in not to us in any case, just about arranging the mortgage or other b&b finance. We have a huge wealth of experience in this sector, and it is this which we offer upfront to all our clients.

One telephone call to us will un-tap your purchasing power, you will be given in detail all the costs associated with your intended b&b purchase. We will detail the likely monthly cost of the mortgage, and most importantly where you have a specific target, we will tell you whether or not the proposal is feasible. Not bad for one phone call.

Contact us online or call us now for your B&B finance solution.

Tel: 0800 7312967

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